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The Étude has a special low resistance design that makes it a joy to play and very accessible to beginners.  Its innovative combination of an ABS-Plastic body with a naturally dried Grenadilla wood barrel offers unparalleled richness of tone and ease of playing to both newcomers and professionals looking for a beautiful sounding alternative for outdoor playing and cold orchestra pits.

Bb • 17 keys • 6 rings • ABS body • ergonomically optimized design • Eb lever • adjustable ergonomic thumbrest • 2 grenadilla-barrels • leather pads • silver plated keywork • FAU mouthpiece • Vandoren reed • Rovner ligature • comfortable case




F. A. Uebel grants a guarantee on all Uebel instruments for the duration of two (2) years from the date of

purchase, which covers all defects that can be attributed to faults in material or craftsmanship.

The guarantee covers cracking and other wood related issues for the duration of five (5) years.


Excluded from guarantee claims are the following:

  • Damage due to faulty or insufficient maintenance and care
  • Damage due to external force, which includes environmental influences and any other outer force
  • Damage caused by any physical influence to the instrument
  • All parts which are subject to wear and tear such as pads and reeds


All claims made under this guarantee must be made to the US Distribution of Uebel Clarinets Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution. The customer may also contact the dealer from whom the instrument was purchased.


All claims for defects must be made within a period of four (4) weeks of the event of the defect.


All Guarantee claims must reach Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution with proof of purchase such as a receipt of purchase, or purchase invoice in order to be considered and honored. Inquiries regarding the terms may be made without.


The guarantee card should be mailed to the recipient indicated on the card within ninety (90) days after the purchase in order for the the guarantee to cover the full two (2) years.


Guarantee claims may be made without sending the Guarantee card for up to one (1) year.

If no guarantee card is received, all guarantee services for any Uebel Instrument expire after 365 days.


Purchasing something online can be daunting - especially when it comes to instruments or mouthpieces you haven't had the chance to try in person.


That is why we offer 6 DAY TRIALS on a purchase-and-return basis.

This way you can play the instrument in a familiar environment and get a good impression of its feel, sound, and quality. We charge a low restocking fee of $60.00 to cover our expenses in case of a return.


KEEP ONE AND RETURN FOR FREE: We waive the restocking fee on returned items when more than one item was purchased, as long as one or more item(s) of equal or higher value is kept. That means you can get in two clarinets to pick the one you like better with no additional charge.


You're confidence and happiness is our priority and we want you to be in love with your new clarinet!


Read more about our trial program by clicking below and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions that were left unanswered. We would love to hear from you and are excited to be part of your clarinet selection journey.





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