To begin assembling your clarinet, apply some cork grease on all cork pivots.




Carefully twist and turn the mouthpiece on the barrel. Make sure that the flat side of the mouthpiece and the underside of the clarinet are aligned.


With a slight twisting motion, insert the barrel on the top joint of the clarinet. Make sure that you do not press too hard on the keys.


In the same way connect the top piece with the bottom piece. When assembling make sure that both roller keys and the G-sharp key do not touch.


Place the underside of the moistened reed on the flat of the mouthpiece. Mouthpiece tip and reed have to form a flush finish.

Use the ligature to fasten the reed in this position. The reeds tip shouldn't be damaged in any way.

Assemble bottom piece and bell with slight twisting motions.





Your Clarinet is now ready to play.



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