Iván is the Associate Principal Clarinet with the Galicia Symphony Orchestra in Spain. He plays the Grenadilla and silver plated keywork with gold plated posts Zenit Uebel clarinets. He believes this model makes easy extending his musical message from the heart to the listener. “If you want an array of colours to choose from without compromising on tuning, register evenness or sound structure the Uebel Zenit clarinets are your best bet”.


Uebel clarinet artist Iván is the Associate Principal Clarinet with the Galicia Symphony Orchestra in Spain since 2007. He started to study clarinet at age 4 with his grandfather, Cristóbal Marín, a professional clarinetist himself. He earned his Teaching Degree from the Alicante and Madrid Superior Music Conservatories. At the age of 17 he decided to further his studies with Professor Yehuda Gilad and Michele Zukovsky at the University Of Southern California, Los Angeles, U.S.A., earning an Advandced Studies diploma. While at U.S.C. he became a member of the Los Angeles Woodwind Quintet and played Principal Clarinet with the YMF Debut and New West Symphony Orchestras. Iván got awarded First Prize at competitions such as the North American Buffet Clarinet Competition (Chicago, 1995), the Pasadena Instrumental Competition (Pasadena, California, 1995) and the Jennings Butterfield Young Artist Competition (Tucson, Arizona, 1994). He also got felloships to attend prestigious music festivals such as the Tanglewood Music Center, National Repertory Orchestra, National Orchestral Institute and Bowdein. In his 15 years in the U.S.A. he held the positions of Assistant Principal Clarinet with the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra and Second Clarinet with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. He also substituted with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Iván had the privilege of being Teaching Assistant to world-renowned Clarinet Professor Yehuda Gilad and also was the Clarinet Professor of the Florida Southwest University in 1998. In 2018 he joins the prestigious online PlayWithAPro platform where he teaches one-on-one. As a soloist he has performed the Nielsen, Mozart, Copland, 1st and 2nd Weber Concertos and the Debussy Rhapsodie with professional orchestras in Spain and the U.S.A. In December of 2017 Iván opened a YouTube channel in both English and Spanish dedicated to sharing his knowledge, techniques, performances, coaching and health related subjects and interviews. All of it with just one goal, to connect musicians from the heart. Teaching master classes or individually, fixing clarinets or refacing clarinet mouthpieces are some additional activities that make up Iván’s creative world.




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