Marc’s Music career spanned more than four decades starting in 1972. In the early seventies, Marc worked for his father as a clarinetist playing Greek and Russian music in the Greek nightclubs of Hollywood California.


He entertained the audience as the ‘kid’ that charms belly dancers out of baskets, like the snake charmers of the Middle East. During that time he took up the Saxophone and the Flute and began to play in the local big bands of Los Angeles. These included the Tracy Wells Big band and Tex Beneke of Glen Miller fame.


Since that time, he played in numerous recordings for many corporations including ATT and Nickelodeon and Sierra Pacific, and for many great entertainers including Brenda Holloway, Ray Charles and Bobby Caldwell, to name a few. He has also done numerous commercial recordings for contracting agencies such as Humecke/Smith of Los Angeles.


Marc also played many ‘casual’ live dates all over the United States including Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and many others. Until his death he could be seen in Los Angeles at many public venues including Canter’s Kibitz Room, where he backed up Tina Stevens – a popular cabaret and jazz vocalist.


He was killed in a motorcycle accident in August 2016.


Rest in Peace, Marc - you will be missed.



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