Clarinet sound is subjective.  To my ear, the Uebel Superior has the sound that composers intend for their most beautiful passages.  Singing, lyrical, expressive, focused (but not edgy), with lots of carry and completely clear.

The evenness of the resistance throughout the range is noteworthy.  Uebel has somehow managed to make the instrument's throat tones more resistant, while at the same time making the upper register (above high C) less resistant.

The player simply doesn't have to blow as hard to get the high notes out, making them much, much easier to control and better in tune.

The improvement in throat tones is apparent in the solos of the 1st mvmt. of Tchaikovsky 4th (on the Bb), and the opening solo of Debussy's "Afternoon of a Faun" (on the A), both of which focus on the throat Bb, and are an order of magnitude easier to play and better sounding on the Uebels than they ever were on [my previous instrument].

The evenness has the added benefit of making the player less fatigued during long playing sessions, as there's no need for constant embouchere adjustments.


The Uebel Advantage has everything that the Superior does, except a little less so.   For the money, nothing else is remotely close.



Uebel Artist

"They have arrived yesterday and today I have been playing and enjoying the fruits of power and beauty of these amazing instruments.

The German bore is a bit different than what I have been used to and so I am pairing of selected reeds and the best fitting ligature.

The middle register has such a unique quality as no other clarinet has possessed up till now.

It’s almost like a rich amber quality very fluent and melodic.

I love the Uebels for their ease in acute articulation passages such as Beethoven 6th, Mendelssohn Scherzo and Mozart Clarinet Concerto.

I am opening doors into new ways to interpret the Ghidoni Concerto of which was never there (well at least for me) when I recorded it in New Zealand a couple of years ago.

There is absolutely no stuffiness whatsoever and the C4’s have a completely different color and feel than the Toscas. The Uebel high C’s are bright and clear (to me) like white sapphire with such a brilliance."



Internationally Touring Uebel Artist

"The Uebel is quality, quality, quality. Should you consider a purchase, find a retailer you can visit to compare the Uebel with other makes. Enjoy the experience of there being such a terrific range of wood clarinets available, but above all spend wisely. Do not just accept the easy option of well known brands, because, here we have [a new name] that deserves your attention."



CASS) Review Winter 2009

"I've had a couple of weeks now playing my new Emperior. INCREDIBLE horn. Such a joy to play!"



Clarinetist after purchasing the Uebel Emperior


"I just wanted to thank you so much for coming up to The Boston Conservatory last week and sharing the Uebel Clarinets with us. I absolutely love the one that I bought from you and I am very excited to see where it takes me. I never thought I would find a clarinet that I like better than my own 8yr old clarinet, but the Preference Bb is wonderful it helps me to produce the sound I want and more. I have never felt more confident in my playing. It makes me want to work hard and perform more."



Clarinet Student at the Boston Conservatory

“They are the most even instruments I have ever played.”

"If you read my blog article summarizing the International Clarinet Association convention in Baton Rouge back in 2014, you may recall that I was extremely impressed by a few instruments, but there was one in particular that snagged my attention...the Uebel Superior. This is a clarinet that provides that beautiful dark, focused German sound that I (and so many other clarinetists I know) love so much, but with the Boehm system keywork that we're all used to. Of all of the instruments I played that weekend, the one that stuck with me the most, almost to the point of obsession, was the Superior. "





Freelance NYC Clarinetist, Uebel Artist, and Woodwind Blogger

"My daughter's clarinet instructor (who's pretty well-known in Maryland) was surprised and very impressed with the instrument. He went so far as to take it to his woodwind technician for a special appraisal, and the verdict is that it is superior to most anything they have seen, in terms of sound, intonation, quality and workmanship. Everybody who's had the instrument has been truly impressed. Repeatedly I heard statements such as "I must look into this;" "I will tell others;" "I'd like a pair for myself if they're all like this;" "If you don't buy it, I will.".."



Parent purchasing an Uebel Superior A for his daughter

“I would recommend any player looking for a top of the range clarinet to try the F. A. Uebel Superior.

The look, feel and design of these clarinets are quite special and the sound is vibrant and distinctive. Both the B flat and A models are incredibly versatile with great control and a wide range of colours that makevs them a joy to play.”



British Clarinetis, and Clarinet Professor at the Royal Northern College of Music

"[...] Dark and smooth without loss of beautiful spectrum of overtones (but not glassy/ knify) [...]"



Clarinet Instructor regarding his students new Uebel Classic

"I had a chance to try their new professional Boehm model, the Superior, at NAMM over the weekend and found that it really lived up to its name. I wished I'd had more time and a better environment in which to put it through its paces, but I was very impressed with the response, sound, and intonation. The quality of the wood and precision of the action were both excellent, and the workmanship appeared solid. The quality, shape, and stability of the tone, as well as the precise and effortless responsiveness in every register are what stood out the most to me."



Online review on the Clarinet Bboard 01/27/2015




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